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Putin says U.S. should reject use of drive in Syria

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  1. assard is nothing but a booby murderer who would distroy Syria its people to keep control of it remembering that he agreed to step down then turned the guns on the people if it take 10 years 20 years they will not stop even if takes the end of putin his closes buddy it will happen this is not about putin or assard as they seem to think in there paranoid state if isolation potin my have a few elitist who belive in murder to get what they want but thats all (bro is it a homosexual inducement)

  2. I’m not going to be your go for boy , if you want to see that i surgust you get the data from the web sight & if its not there email & request that information ,note the Sirian ragume past recoard ,is not one of open homesty & willing to compermise it posision , its one of stalling & more blood shed , & less democary not to much for you to comphrend now

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