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LG Nexus 5: Put together to be unimpressed

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Only a few days in the past when Google printed the brand new junk meals after which the upcoming model of Android could be named, the corporate launched a video unveiling the brand new Android garden decoration. In that video (embedded beneath), it gave the impression that a brand new Nexus 5 made a quick, probably staged look (and Google pulled the video down rapidly after). The FCC lately authorized a brand new smartphone by using LG — makers of the Nexus four — and important points are starting to leak concerning the upcoming handset.

The telephone that the FCC authorized is known as the D820. Now, that doesn’t ring of “Nexus” in any respect, and we shouldn’t go round assuming each single LG cellphone with out an authentic identify is the Nexus 5. Then again, there are some clues that align the D820 with the thriller Nexus considered in short within the KitKat video. The FCC important points the within of the D820′s again quilt, which appears to be like strikingly just like the surface again duvet of the thriller Nexus, and the opposite specs listed on the cellphone are somewhat brand new. An Engadget commenter noted that the D820′s firmware name contains the phrase as “KyeLimePieFACTORYeng.” Despite the typo, the phone is running the newest version of Android before its name change to KitKat. The firmware also points toward the phone using the much-lauded Snapdragon 800 SoC.

Documents also state that the phone has a 5-inch display (technically 4.96 inches), which is in line with the Nexus naming convention of using the number to describe the display size, rather than some kind of chronological release order like the iPhone. The device also sports wireless charging, 2.4GHz and 5GHz WiFi Direct, VoIP, and a 2.4GHz mobile hotspot capability. The D820 is also being tested on a fair amount of wireless standards, including seven different LTE bands. The phone’s battery is also listed as a 2300 mAh lithium-ion.

To further support the theory that the D820 is the Nexus 5, the Nexus 4 recently sold out on Google Play, and it will not be restocked. Considering Android 4.4 has been officially named, Google will need a phone with which to pair it, so a new phone has to be on the horizon.

While a Snapdragon 800 and LTE are by no means derided features, ones equivalent in power to these are standard at this point on any modern flagship smartphone. While a phone with these specs will perform just fine, it doesn’t stand out. We haven’t seen the official details of the upcoming iPhone 5S just yet, but if Apple deploys anything impressive, at least LG will have enough time to spruce up whatever the Nexus 5 ends up being.

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